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Taihei Kobayashi and Yuko Eguchi
Taihei Kobayashi got the instructing licence of ballroom dance in 1953 and moved to Tokyo in the following year. There he learned classical ballet, jazz dance, choreography and stage directing.

In 1975, he won the SECOND prize in the BLACK POOL International Dance Exhibition in England, and he extended his professional activity in choreography and directing. When the Japan Ballroom Dance Federation presented the theater show "History of Dance" in NHK Hall, he took a role as the main director and the choreographer. 1981 Taihei decided to establish 3E DANCE CREATION studio and started educating younger dancers. At this point, Yuko Eguchi, who would become Taihei's partner later, turns professional in dance, since then they always share their artistic activity.

Being the first Japanese dancers ever to go to Argentine to study Tango, they learned from Gloria and Eduardo, Miguel Angel Zotto and other top dancers. Afterwards they decide to establish the Argentine Tango Dance Association (ATDA) having the consul of Argentine Republic as the Honorary cheer man. Through this association, they worked hard toward the popularization of the Argentine Tango by doing shows, workshops, and making dance videos.

In1990, established "Taihei Kobayashi and Yuko Eguchi Argentine Tango Dance Company", the yearly theater work "Tango Libertad" was started. In 1992, with OSVALDO BERLINGERI, they realized their tango show in Argentine for first time in the history as a Non-Argentine tango company, which caused a big sensation. After that, in 1994 August, with JOSE COLANGELO Orquesta and  Hector Mayoral as well as in 1996 the dance company graced many places in Argentine with their spectacular show. In 1996 and 1997 they performed at the Argentine Asociation of Los Angeles in the United States. In 1998 July, in Buenos Aires, they were invited in `100 years friendship Japan-Argentine anniversal concert` performing with ARGENTINO LEDESMA and other stars. The same year, he received a prize from the International Culture Association for his remarkable efforts in the popularization of Tango and the welfare work. Furthermore, they also achieved the prize of grattitude from the Argentine Embassy in Japan. In the year 2000, Taihei and his company appeared in the world famous` NEW YEAR OPERA CONCERT" on NHK (Japanese National TV). He also colaborated with TV dramas and commercials making choreographies. In the year 2003 they were invited to teach Tango for the first time ever in National Television (TANGO YOU TONIGHT) through 9 weeks making the tango boom in Japan. His dance, activities and his existance itself is unmissable when Tango in Japan is mentioned. They are the organizers of the biggest tango event in Asia THE WORLD TANGO FESTIVAL in JAPAN. They have their own Television program TANGO CLUB.

Kobayashi Taihei 56 years of dancing and Yuko Eguchi solid tecnic makes a charming combination of experience and youthness, making them the best tango dancers in Asia.

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